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 The seven laws of Hermes Trismegistus

Hermeticism is associated with the personality of Hermes Trismegistus, who  left the traces of his presence in different parts of the world for hundreds of years. In particular, he was the last king of Atlantis, a high priest in ancient Egypt and the one who contributed to the preservation and dissemination of ancient knowledge on Earth.

Once during archaeological excavations researchers discovered some pottery smithers with strange inscriptions and deciphered them. These were the most ancient laws of humanity. And the most striking thing is that these laws still work in our times.

The first law of Hermes “THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”

What does it mean? What is the mind ? Mentality is our thought forms. It means a presence of thought in any subject matter. Our planet is a thinking being. It does not matter whether you believe it or not. Try to imagine that there are thinking entities everywhere around you. Try to listen, to communicate with these entities. And see, what will be the result of this communication.

The second law is the law of correspondence, “As below, so above. As above, so below. “


According to the second law, if you want to have something tangible in this world, your thought forms have to be clear and explicit. If you are not telling or defining clearly something, if you are not certain about your desires, they will never be fulfilled. Because the effect of mirror reflection is functioning here: “As below, so above. As above, so below. ”

So, if you have a disorder in your home and don’t clean up, on mental level too you will probably be a mess.  If you have a particular desire, it must be very clearly related to what you have on your physical level. If you want to become a great writer, the desk you are working at  should be in absolute order promoting your work: no dust, no dirt, minimum number of drafts, required books. When drafts are all over and get collected somewhere, you get chaos and it becomes difficult to move on.

Suppose you have your own sewing workshop. You should clearly see what you are going to sew tomorrow, in a year or two. You need to be clear on the future of the workpiece, otherwise there will be no progress. If you store old dirty rags and do not find any use for them, it will stop your progress. In any business, you need to clearly see what you’ll do. And do not wait for tomorrow, if you  postpone all is gone.

The third law is the law of vibration. “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

The world is in perpetual motion. And people are also constantly changing. They are changing their feelings towards people, their views about the world. According to the third law of Hermes, we need to remember that if today something did not work out, it means that tomorrow it will. And if we are now very well and have succeeded in something, then it could disappear tomorrow. So you have to be prepared for tomorrow to invent a new business, new relationship, new forms and methods, strategies, and tactics.

The fourth law  is the law of polarity.  “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature,but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

This is perhaps one of the most powerful laws, compliance with which is a huge benefit for all in whatever direction they are moving. We know that there are black and white, plus and  minus, salty and sweet,  joy and sadness, etc. Everything has its pole. As we move on  in this world, we must also have a plus and a minus. If we do not have, it means our motion is chaotic, or we are on stand by.

Here is an example. A husband and a wife stopped loving each other, but live together, waiting for a change in their lives, for a new love to come. But it will not happen, because they are living together, the divorce is not officially registered, they are good to each other. There is no tension, there is no minus so no plus will appear.

Or a person wants to change his job, but on the old job he is ok, and there is no new job offer. In such case it is pointless to move anywhere. You can get fired and will sit at home and won’t be attracted anywhere. If you want to change the situation, it is necessary for them at the old job to at least express their dissatisfaction with your work, or at the new job them to say “Come to us”.

The classic version, when you are kicked out from the old job and are warmly received at the new one. For a job change to be beneficial you need either a plus, like an invitation  or a minus or both. That is, to move in this world we need both a plus and a minus.

The fifth law is the law of rhythm. “Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

A simple example. A homeless lives in a train station, no work, no money, no house etc. He is a free man, a homeless with experience. One time he sees and asks a priest “How can I overcome all this?” The priest asks  “Do you have food?”. The homeless replies: “Yes. In general, every day I have something to eat. ” The priest suggested that he gave up eating to see what happens. The homeless agreed. He was starving from hunger for three days. Three days later, he was offered a regular job with a decent salary. Later on he was able to rent for himself an apartment and move on with his life. That is, by refusing to eat, he went into the minus, i.e all is gone, just lie and die, and then he began to rise.

The sixth law is the law of cause and effect. “Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

People know this law for thousands of years, yet not everyone can use it. It is because they are always looking for the cause and effect outside instead of looking within. Every effect has a cause, and the cause is within us.
Your situation may be due to some reason, maybe it is a beginning, a reason for further investigation. For example, if you got some  gold, there is some reason why you got that  gold. If you have lost the gold, then there is a reason why you lost it.

But the fact that you received the gold may be also both the cause and the effect. Therefore it is always necessary to understand. Having received some gold, we do not think why, happy we run to sell it. Having been cheated we sit down and start scratching our head for what and why.

As soon as the negative situation occurred and most often it is already the result of something, just sit down and think why? Or even better take a pen and a paper and write why it happened.

Repentance gives very good results. This is a simple example of how the law of  cause-and-effect works. In general repentance is one of the most powerful techniques that can help us in our  life. Therefore, in a difficult situation honestly and directly look at yourself and admit, “Yes, here I was wrong …” And the situation will change. Though it can happen that some of our very heavy losses like material or spiritual, incurable disease are some kind of karmic consequence of defects in the nearest  karmic incarnations or  previous karma debt.

However, to think that the person will never be able to either recover, or to change his life, because of debts from his past life is wrong.

It all depends on the spiritual work intensity. You can live several karmic incarnations within one single lifetime. For example, if somebody says to you to that he does not want to see you anymore, you leave and start from scratch. Because your karma is worked out, and a new karma begins. That is, in this very embodiment, in this same physical body a new karma begins. If a person tries to adapt, to suppress himself, trying to please, and so on, it just aggravates the karma.

The seventh law is the law of gender. “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

Male and female, two energies Yin and Yang. These two energies, the two poles are sufficiently well defined, male is the yang energy, female is  the yin energy. Every person has some of the energy of yin and yang.

For normal operation in the company, in business, at work, in relationships it is necessary to maintain the harmony of these energies.

If you start a business for example, you should clearly understand that the beginning should be harmonious, smooth, neutral. If you start with a pure yang or pure yin energy, it won’t work.

If a boss is Aries,  he is the fire sign with a strong yang energy and if his staff is also fire, things may go wrong. Then it is necessary to take as his right hand a staff member with water element that will extinguish Aries.

But if both, the boss and his helper helper are of Earth element, it can be bad. They will work hard all their lives when in fact a leader is needed. The leaders by nature are usually the fiery signs.

It actually can be very simple to create a successful company. Put a fire sign as a head, Leo or Aries for example. His assistant must be a water sign to see the future. Air sign also can  look at the future, but at the distant one. And as for the rest, for the most part, put earth signs. Earth signs are workaholics, they like to work and work from the morning till the night. Usually they do not interfere with each other, and have a good relationship with each other.

Earthy sign can also be a leader, but he should not get involved in the matter. He must find a way to somehow stay outside of his character. Because if the earth sign, as a company  head will start to get into the business of his subordinates, he will be the one forced to work hard  and his subordinates will ride him.

It is good to learn to see your incarnations, see  who you were, what you did. And, remembering the incarnation, when you saw it,  you immediately gain the experience, it comes instantly.

When one remembers the incarnation, for example, in the state of destitution, then in this lifetime he does not need to be a beggar anymore. Or  you can see that a relationship with a certain kind of person will not work out  because you saw that you‘ve already been through this.


Article curtosy of the Hermetic Institute  http://www.institutulhermetic.ro


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