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The changes in the moon can be divided up into new (dark), new (crescent), waxing (growing), full, and waning (decreasing). Each moon phase can affect us differently.
The dark new moon – when you can’t see it at all – is an ideal day to complete and prepare. There’s a natural lull in energy levels, similar to the waning moon during the previous week, making it an ideal time to organize and take stock to complete the last cycle and prepare for the next.
The slim crescent of a brand new moon means the excitement of new beginnings and fresh new growth.
If you want your hair to grow more quickly this is the ideal day to give it a trim.
It’s also the most auspicious time to start a new health or exercise regimen, make lists of your aspirations for the coming cycle, plant seeds, or start new creative projects.
As the light of the moon grows each night (called the ‘waxing’ moon), energy levels rise, and people often find it easier to stay focused on a creative project or task.
Like the baby crescent moon, this period is all about creating and growing – stretching and reaching.
About halfway through the waxing period – when the moon is half full – there will often be a turning point or shift in a project that is underway.
The few days when the moon is full or close to it are kind of a crescendo as evidenced by all that full moon lore.
On the evening of the full moon it appears on the horizon exactly at the moment the sun sets on the western horizon.
Full moon is a good time to plan parties and social activities, as well as sales for businesses. Creativity and intuition can feel heightened. Energy is at a peak.
Once the full moon is over, it begins to shrink down again, and this is known as a ‘waning’ moon. As I described above, tasks of wrapping up and completion of a project can flow more easily during this period.
Finalize projects, take care of last details during a waning moon cycle. If you’re wanting to declutter your home, it’s easier to do it during these weeks because you’re naturally more inclined to let go and throw things out.
Waning moon is also a good time to undertake a cleansing diet program or fast. Your body will more naturally accept the cleansing.


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