I was asked many times if spirituality and drinking can coexist. Istead of opening a discussion about the effects of alcoohol on human counsciousness, I decided to share a little storry that answers this question nicely.

Kogaion - The holy mountain of the Dacians

Kogaion – The holy mountain of the Dacians


During the rule of king Burebista, the Dacians, big wine lovers, cut down the grape wines after listening to Deceneu, a wise man, High Priest and advisor to their king. The legend has it that as they were gathering for council, a big brown bear threatened to tear them apart. As they were preparing to fight the bear, Deceneu came down from the Kogaion holy mountain, took the bear by the ear, scolded him and send him to the woods. The bear went feeling ashamed. When they asked him how he did that, Deceneu told the Dacians that he had a glass of wine, heard the call for help and did what they saw. Appalled, they reminded Deceneu that he had them cut the grape wines in order not to drink. To that, Decenu replied: “You can have wine, but only so much that you can hold a bear by its ear”


Ashamed bear



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