Space Clearing

Why is space clearing important?

The Energetic Space clearing is as important for our well-being as physical cleaning of our homes or offices. Every action or thought people have will leave an energetic print on the objects and space surrounding us. Repeated acts of the same kind, will make this prints stronger and will bring in a building more energy with a vibration corresponding to the act that created it.


Take for example the feelings one would have stepping into a room where people constantly argue. The air feels thick and our senses tell us to move away, it is not a beneficial environment. If we decide not to leave, the result is often uneasiness, fatigue, headaches or worse, depending on how long we spend in such a place.
On another hand, think how you feel stepping in a holy place or a place where people are at peace or happy. No matter how hard a day you had, such places will help you relax and increase your own vibrations, will energize you and give you hope. It is not even necessary to have people around to lift your spirits, these places with the energy they hold will have an impact on your own energy field.
Everything in life is based on energy exchange. Places we go to, people we meet, all will interact with our energetic fields. This is the way we understand the world around us. Our energetic fields will create a signal that translates in thoughts and emotions or reflexes.
Spending time in places with a certain type of energy will have an impact on your aura. Space clearing will clean the negative energies. This way, the energy you interact with will be a good one and you will not bring into your aura undesired residues from other people.

Who needs space clearing?

smoke clearning

Just about everyone. Cleaning your space energetically is as important as physical cleaning. Physically, you will clean your space as part of a hygienic living protecting yourself as much as you can from viruses and bacteria. Energetically, it is recommended to do the same to protect yourself from interacting with negative energies causing tension and often unexplained feelings.
People living in old spaces will benefit from space clearing by removing energies associated with previous owners or tenants. I know a young couple that moved in a place they bought after the previous owners went through a divorce. At the beginning they were very happy to have their own place, but after a few months they began questioning each other’s love. Realizing that the change did not feel natural, they decided to have a space clearing done for their home. As soon as the energetic home cleaning was done, all the tension dissipated. It allowed them to be themselves. A year later they became parents to a lovely baby.
Space clearing also deals with energetical residue left on different objects. This is very important for people collecting antiques, but not only. An object crafted, bought or gifted with love will have a better energy than one that had any association with bad feelings. It is not just walls, floors and ceilings that store energy, furniture and other decorative and functional objects in a home or office need an energy “dusting” also.

Can space clearing bring in positive energies?

Yes is can.


By removing negative energies, the space and the good energies within will be able to attract more Light. People will be happier, so their energy vibrations will be higher. People and their actions have the power of energetically affecting the space they frequent. Happy people can bring in good quality energies.
For more positive energy in your space, a Sacred space creation can be done. Rooms can be activated using Sacred Geometry. It is a way to bring in Divine energy for well-being or goal achievements.



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