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Where is the courage, the light in the eyes? Sad people paralyze life. People tired of life kill the joy. Gloomy people bury the faith. People without faith are planting the seeds of despair. Fear devours our energy and bring people to exhaustion. Panic anesthetizes the power we need daily. Children seek the light in adult’s eyes. And they are off … parents lose their children’s hearts and thus die a little for their ingratitude.

Over time, sadness changes shape and becomes a sadness garment that many of us wear and often it does not fit. It’s not ours. We wear the sadness of our parents, grandparents, bosses, colleagues, systems.

There are many weapons of sadness being produced.


Bullet words, barbed wire of silence, thirst for power. And if people do not change their hearts, tomorrow they will produce new weapons. Criticism, fear and shame never changes anyone. People need love … We do not become larger if we cause others to be or feel lower. Your neighbor is better than you think it is.

The body must not become an eating machine, working, sleeping. The body is a machine of love. In vain we die with a full belly, but empty heart. Around us there are so many trees, birds, flowers, meadows, many miracles that are only waiting to heal a person of its sadness. Will the reason you are sad now matter in ten years?


Dear soul, never get lost in yesterday or tomorrow! Enjoy today and what this blessed moment brings. Every day we begin life again each evening our experiences are recorded.

Dare to be children and you will see that every job will be a game, a moment of knowing others, make friends, love, dedicate yourself. He/she who speaks well of others makes them better. You can heal the one next to you by loving it! And that who loves can do anything.


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