Sacred Geometry

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Sacred Geometry – History

Sacred Geometry has its roots in ancient times. In Egypt, geometry got its start when rope stretchers were sent out to put back the boundary markers washed away by the Nile.
People studied and contemplated nature and tried to understand the divine rules by which it was created. It was observed that geometric patterns have an important role in creation. The ancients knew that these patterns were codes symbolic of our own inner realm and that the experience of sacred geometry was essential to the education of the soul. The geometric patterns and the vibrational energies associated to them are a language of the universe and initiates used that wisdom in the design of sacred worship areas or objects. Witness to their knowledge, there are numerous worship areas that stood the passing of time. Temples and churches all over the world, sites like Stonehenge or the Great Pyramids. Viewing and contemplating these forms can allow us to gaze directly at the face of deep wisdom and glimpse the inner workings of The Universal Mind.

About the class

This class will introduce you to the knowledge of using and awaken the geometric patterns known as Primary Keys to Heaven. You will learn to connect your consciousness to the Divine by using these sacred symbols. It will provide you with powerful tools for the creation of your own sacred space. It also teaches you how to sustain that sacred space by shielding it against unwanted outside influences.

The class is open to everybody, with or without any previous experience in working with energy.


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