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Dragons in history

Dragons are wonderful, magickal creatures that have been misunderstood for centuries. Dragons are creatures of wisdom and knowledge, long-lived, their age sometimes going back to the beginning of creation of the human world. They are part of the energy found all around us. You may never see them but you may, eventually, feel their presence. As with everything having great powers, dragons were feared and considered evil in some parts of the world and respected in others, depending on how people understood their energy.
Perhaps one of the most common legendary monster, the dragon, is perceived as an immense, bat-winged, fire-breathing, scaled lizard or snake. Some have the head and forelegs of a lion or bird of prey. Because of their terror-inspiring qualities and decorative figures, dragons were commonly used as warlike emblems.

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Who is Zalmoxis?

Zalmoxis was a god worshiped by the ancient Thracians.

Dacians were part of the Thracian tribes. They inhabited Dacia, located in the area in and around the Carpathian Mountains and west of the Black Sea.

A holistic physician

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Open discussion about holistic healing and ways to empower one’s life

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Open discussion about holistic healing and ways to empower one’s life


The Path to Light Healing and Empowerment Center recently created a Meet-up group for anybody interested in energy healing, spirituality, learning more about ways to clean out karma without suffering, past lives, chakras , use of crystals, ways of empowerment and enriching one’s life.  The group will meet typically every second Monday of the month for an open discussion. Stop by for some interesting conversations and tips, stay a while or just pass by, you will be welcome. All we ask is to be respectful of others. We are not a religious organization. People from all backgrounds are welcome.

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A few facts:

Tartaria Tablets – The first writing in the world

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Tartaria Tablets – The first writing in the world
5300 BC

In the city Tărtăria, Alba County,Romania, in 1961 was discovered an important religious complex; the material showed a continuity of habitation for several thousand years.
Members of a team led by Nicolae Vlassa, an archaeologist at the National Museum of Transylvanian History, Cluj-Napoca in charge of the site excavations, unearthed three inscribed but unbaked clay tablets, together with 26 clay and stone figurines and a shell bracelet, accompanied by the burnt, broken, and disarticulated bones of an adult.
The three sensational clay tablets were made at least 6,500 years ago, according to the isotope carbon 14 dating.

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The Moon Phases

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The changes in the moon can be divided up into new (dark), new (crescent), waxing (growing), full, and waning (decreasing). Each moon phase can affect us differently.

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