Karmic Matrix Clearing

Karmic Matrix Clearing


Whenever two or more are gathered together by reincarnation in the cause of balancing past life karma, a karmic matrix is formed. This matrix is composed of a number of karmic ties woven together, ties corresponding to the different people we meet in our life.
During our lifetime, the karmic matrix can change and its ties can regroup having a high impact on our life. An example of such a change is a family member moving away from the rest of the family like the case of children leaving their parents, changes of working places and coworkers or any other change in one’s life that requires a change in old habits or beliefs.
Unfortunately, people often are stuck in trying to use old methods in situations that require us to understand new concepts in order to move forward. This happens because of old karmic ties that outlived their purpose and do not serve us or our highest good. Such ties create a clutter in the karmic matrix denying healthier ties their space to flourish.
The Karmic Matrix Clearing, done by performing a small etheric incision using a special wand, will cleanse your matrix of all unneeded ties so that healthy relationships can grow or develop without impediments.
For increased benefit, it is recommended to use this procedure before or after the DNA Activation.


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