Welcome to Path to Light Healing and Empowerment Center

Welcome to the Path to Light Healing and Empowerment Center located in Queens, New York.
The center offers its services to humanity by bringing more Divine Light into our world, easing sufferings of both physical and emotional type and empowering people to manifest their desires and goals into the daily life.
No matter if you are on a spiritual path or not, you will find help with us.
We are not a religious organization, and we will never ask you to renounce you religious believes. Rest assured, nobody in the Path to Light Healing and Empowerment Center will ask you to convert to anything.


Any well-being should start with an Energy Cleansing of your aura and living space. This will allow you to get rid of negative energies affecting your life in an undesired way. There are many reasons for negative energy to gather around people. The Path to Light Healing and Empowerment Center will help you acknowledge them and eliminate all the negative energy surrounding you.
No matter how hard things are, you are not alone. The Path to Light Healing and Empowerment Center offers counseling and advice so that you can make your choices wisely, knowing their energetic impact on your life. Do you need an opinion for a harmonious life or a business decision? We might be of help, just contact us and we will be happy to do so.
Once the Energy Cleansing is done, the healing process can begin. We will make sure that your system is well balanced energetically, that your chakras (energy centers) are active and working on their full potential to keep you healthy. We will teach you ways to help yourself in keeping them in good functioning order. We will work on your etheric field to bring in information and energies necessary for healing. This energies and information will be absorbed by your physical, mental and emotional bodies for your well-being.
For those people that desire even more Light and Divine Protection into their life, the Path to Light Healing and Empowerment Center offers a few services meant for empowerment. Such is our Adept Program that gives you the protection of the Hierarchy of Light, angels, archangels, spiritual masters and all beings of the Light and 10 more power to manifest your desires in your daily life. The DNA activation will increase your abilities to levels unexperienced before. The DNA Reading following the activation will give you an insight of where you come from and what your purpose in life is. The 16 Petal Lotus healing assures that the four elements, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, are accessed for the manifestation of creative energy into the physical world.
The Path to Light Healing and Empowerment Center also offers Reiki classes and initiations, meditations and various workshops to aid you in your well-being and spiritual work.
To read more, please visit our Services and Training areas on the top menu.


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