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Adept initiation

“The word Initiation comes from two Latin words, in = into, and ire = to go; therefore, it is the making of a beginning or the entrance into something. . . In this case it is the entrance into a new stage of spiritual life. . . Each Initiation marks a rite of passage and the clearer shining forth of the inner fire and the transition from one point of polarization to another; it entails the realization of an increasing unity with all that lives and the essential oneness of the self with all selves.” — Alice Bailey

The Adept Program is one of the oldest teachings on the planet, is a unique way of becoming more involved with the Light Work conducted by the Hierarchy of Light.
The Adept Initiation is a physical initiation that brings you to a higher level of light and knowledge so that you will have ten times more power to do Light Work than before. All Masters who have walked the planet have experienced this Physical Initiation. Even the Master of Light had to do this, so do we!

The Adept Initiation is one of the most important steps for spiritual empowerment and it is for All who are ready to enter the next stage of their spiritual development. The Adept program gives you Tools of Empowerment and Protection and will increase your ability tenfold so you are more fully equipped to fulfill your life purpose and complete what it is that you are here to do.
The initiation of Adept follows the one that most Light workers already have, that of self-initiation. This means they are already performing service for humanity. This Adept initiation will bring you to higher light and knowledge and energies to use in the work. After the initiation you are under the guidance wing of the Hierarchy of Light. The teachings given in this program are those of the ancient mysteries of Metaphysics, which is a path of spiritual philosophy, not religion.

Each Adept serves as the physical part of the Hierarchy of Light. This is also called the Great White Brother and Sisterhood of Light. This is the work force of the Hierarchy. After Initiation we serve in one of the twelve counsels, in “contact” with the Masters of Light and the Archangels.
Anyone may attend the Adept Program. If you desire Initiation, you need to ask the Guide who presented the program. That request will be brought forward to the Hierarchy of Light in a special meditation the Guide performs on your behalf. If you are ready, you may attend the ceremony and receive Initiation.

The Adept Program is set up as a 2 Day class, sometimes it is offered over a period of time or in a study program. The program is taught by a Guide member of the Hierarchy and one that has had the appropriate physical initiations.


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