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Reiki Level 1

In Usui Reiki are three levels that are taught traditionally.

Level I – Reiki Level I (called Shoden in Japan) is taught to those that wish to learn to use the Reiki Energy. The class is taught by a Reiki Master trained to pass the attunements and teach Reiki. Traditional Usui Healing Systems use a set of four attunements. A Reiki I class material generally includes the hand positions used when doing Reiki on self and others, the Reiki principles, and the history of Reiki. You then receive the attunements.

Manual Contents:

Line of initiation
What is Reiki and the meaning?
How does Reiki function?
What is Reiki?
What Reiki is NOT
The advantages of Reiki

Genealogy of Takata
A more objective history
Two perceptions
Gokai-The 5 Principles
History and Significance of Gokai
Different versions and translations
Understanding the principles and their function
Other types of affirmations
For the chakras
For the tree of life
Other affirmations
The system and levels
Position of the hands for auto-treatment
Standard positions for the hands
1. Positions for the head in auto-treatment
2. Positions for the anterior side of the body in auto-treatment
3. Positions for the posterior side of the body in auto-treatment
Positions for treating patients
1. Positions for treating problems of the head
2. Positions for treating problems of the chest
3. Positions for treating back problems
Treatment for animals
Treatment for plants
Treatment for babies/toddlers
Original gakkai techniques
Original positions-Usui Te Ate
Gassho Kokyo-Ho
Byosen Reikan-Ho & Reiji-Ho
Jakikiri Joka-Ho
Shuchu Reiki
Specific positions for certain problems
Specific positions for certain imbalances
Traditional and modern Reiki
What is a Reiki maser?
Things that should be known
Therapeutic practice
Healing crises
Understanding between patient and healer
The physical body, the energetic body & the emotional body
Localization of important organs
Frontal view
Dorsal view
The organs
Endocrine glands
Other locations where emotions are deposited
Balancing the chakras
Another variant of balancing the chakras
Grounding or rooting after treatment
Balancing of the cerebral functions
Code of ethics for the practitioner of the Reiki techniques

How can Reiki classes help you?

– You will learn how to easily connect to a peaceful, healing energy
– You will learn how to amplify the energy to help you relax, and free yourself of stress and pain
– It will be much easier for you to be calm in moments of maximum worry and fear
– Intuition, awareness and spiritual percipience will be able to consolidate
– You will be able to become more conscious and concentrate on your goals in life
– You will learn how to help yourself in psychic , mental and emotional problems
– You will learn how to keep your raised energy level all the time
– It will especially help it you feel that other people are squeezing you of energy or it you take over other people’s problems
– It will teach you how to help other people that have the same problems



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