Etheric Surgery

Etheric Surgery

Etheric Surgery is a method dealing with various harmful energies in the aura.In the different layers of the aura, people hold energetic structures that can have various origins. Some of these structures were already there at birth, others were acquired during life. Some are active, some are there to become active in a future time. The shapes, density, location and characteristics of these structures are unique to each individual. Before removing any of them trough etheric surgery, it is important to determine why they are there, if they are harmful or if they are beneficial. A cause investigation is highly recommended.
It would be hard to enumerate all kind of energetic structures that can be found in an aura. I will only describe some of the most common ones.
Benefic structures are those meant for empowerment, often found there as a result of spiritual work or initiations.
Other structures are there to protect or shield an individual from different energy currents surrounding him/her. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the type of energy being filtered and the readiness of the person.
Accumulations of negative energy can also create such structures. These are obvious the kind we do not want in our aura. They are often associated with past trauma or consist of a crystalized energy dense enough to block chakras (energy centers) or create an undesired change in our physical body. The density of our physical world is such that we hold onto patterns almost forever until we remove them. Etheric surgery can help one with this removal. As a result, a person may feel a sense of relief, release of tension and pressure, and a renewed sense of freedom and more power to achieve goals.

Types of Etheric Surgery

Depending on the structure to be removed, etheric surgery can be performed on different areas of the body. None of the procedures involve physical contact with the patient, the work is being done on the etheric field.

Karmic Cords Surgery

For removing karmic cords, etheric surgery is being performed on the karmic matrix. This procedure is most useful for developing harmonious relationships in one’s life.

Etheric Surgery on Aura Structures

If the time is right, harmful structures in the energy bodies can be removed trough etheric surgery and empowerment structures can be activated trough channeling appropriate amounts of energy. Such a procedure can have a high impact on one’s life quality. Imagine yourself being free of energy associated with old traumas, failures, allergies, unexplained pains and uneasiness, these are all feelings that can disappear after etheric surgery. As the structures and their properties are so different from person to person, one or more sessions might be required to achieve the desired result.

Organ Energetic Matrix Transplant Surgery

Etheric Surgery can also target and remove energies located in the deep level of the physical body. This procedure can replace the matrix associated with sick organs with a heathy one. It can be compared to an organ transplant in the physical word. The difference is that it deals with the energetic level as opposed to the physical one. This type of etheric surgery had successful results on patients to which science and medicine gave no hopes, including people with terminal cancer. Changing the energy matrix will result in changes on the physical level. The procedure involves accessing information from the code of the original healthy organ and it is an extremely powerful procedure. Because of its high intensity, the Organ Energetic Matrix Transplant Surgery will not be performed without proper preparation of the body. Such preparation might include aura cleansing and chakra balancing sessions. This type of etheric surgery is reserved strictly to people on a spiritual path and only when the therapist deems it safe. The number of sessions required for healing depends on the problem to be treated and the willingness of the patient to follow recommendations. We reserve the right to refuse anybody we don’t consider to be ready for the Organ Energetic Matrix Transplant Surgery.



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