Etheric cords – Energetic cords

Etheric cords – Energetic cords


Etheric cords are a method communication and sharing energy. Cords can form between people, objects, and situations. Cords are normally formed on a subconscious level, through a person’s need for love, strength, manipulation, control etc. Anything that involves a change of energy can form a cord. Creating cords is a natural way to interact with other people and communicate with the surrounding world. We create cords with people we meet but also with places, objects or situations that have meaning to us.
Energetic cords can vary in size and usefulness to us. Some cords are beneficial and create a nurturing sharing of energy and information. Such are etheric cords between family members and good friends in the case where the relationship is a good one and the people involved mutual agree to such a connection. A baby will have a cord from its mother attached at birth meant to help her/him to understand without fear all the new things happening around. In time such a cord can change from something extremely useful to one less important or in the case of parents trying to control their children’s adult life, into an unhealthy cord.
The more energy is being exchanged trough a cord, the stronger it will be. Etheric cords created with people that we meet in our daily life but don’t get to spend time with and hardly interact with dissolve by themselves. This is the reason that a lot of people cannot remember a person introduced to them at some time in life. If an etheric cord was created at all at such an occasion, it does most likely not exist anymore. With other people, cords are a lot stronger and harder to remove in the case of an unhealthy change of energy.
Etheric cords that outlived their usefulness or are created as a result of persuasion, fear, trick or conning from other people are unhealthy ones and can be a huge drain or a means of control. Some extremely powerful cords are created also trough love affairs; a simple kiss can create an important cord tying us to the other person in ways most people do not even suspect. People attached to unhealthy etheric cords often feel tired as a result of energy drain or have unexplained feelings that they would not have otherwise. If you ever feel bad or angry without reason or feel tired no matter how long you rest, it is very likely that you are attached to such cords and could highly benefit of cord cutting procedures. The same happens if you find yourself in a situation where you have a hard time letting go.
In time, unhealthy cords can manifest trough aches and pains, depression, exhaustion, anger and even loss of individuality.
There are people and organizations that use cording for controlling unaware people for money gain, energy vampirism or other unethical reasons. Cutting such cords are essential in being ourselves and acting according to our free will and guidance from our higher spirit.
The Path to Light Center offers a few different methods of getting rid of unwanted etheric energy cords.
One method is offered as part of a general etheric cleansing and consists of scanning and finding harmful cords and cutting them using a high amount of energy channeled through the therapist’s hands.
For people conscious of a specific problem, person or situation where letting go or disconnecting proved to be hard, there is a second method being offered and besides the therapist’s work it involves the use of incense and visualization.


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