Crystal Programming

Natural Crystals have strong energy fields can be used to raise your personal vibration. They can be powerful tools to assist you in healing or reaching your goals by bringing positive energy in your life.
Crystals can act as amplifiers of a specific type of energy. They can be used in bringing more of the desired positive energy type into your life. Crystal programming enhances this natural ability making a stone work for your needs.
For advice on how to choose the right crystal for you or somebody you know, please contact us.

quartz crystal

Crystal cleansing

Crystal programming starts with the clearing of all energies and programs that are not benefic with one’s well-being. Never carry or keep in your home or office a crystal that was not purified. Crystals are very sensible to different energy fields and if they ever came in contact with negative energies, there is a possibility that the stones could store them. Because of their amplifying properties, a crystal that was not properly cleaned energetically can do you harm. Remember that in most cases, before a crystal reached you it went through multiple hands and places and not all of them might have had a good quality energy associated with them.
We recommend natural stones with minimal human processing. Carving, polishing, cutting and other manufacturing processes usually add trauma to a crystal. Although that is something that can be overcome, we recommend using crystals in their natural shape.

Crystal programming

Once the clearing process was done and the purity verified by measuring the vibration of the energy given by the crystal, the process of programing can begin. This is a powerful procedure that in most cases lasts about an hour. The technique used is the same that the one used in Atlantis. This procedure was secretly passed through some mystery schools to our days.
Some of the examples programming can be used are:
• Healing
• Good luck
• Abundance
• Love
• Attracting the right people in our life
• Business growth
• Spiritual protection
• Amplify gifts you already have, including psychic gifts such as psychic visions or clairvoyance and clairaudience or psychic hearing.
• Harmony

Under no circumstances will we perform a crystal programming that we consider to harm a human being or affect somebody’s free will. Please do not ask for such a thing.

Crystal energizing

Once the programming procedure is done and verified, the crystal will be charged with a high positive energy level corresponding to its mission. There are multiple ways this can be accomplished including channeling of Higher Beings or simply gathering the proper positive energy from the universe to aid the crystal’s mission. The way this step will be accomplished will be discussed with you in case you have a favorite method. This process can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. You can aid in this process also once the crystal is given back to you.

How to care for your crystals

Your crystals like to be out in the open, where they can work to their full potential. Keep them on display or in a bag that is made from silk, satin, velvet or cotton – not man-made fibers. If you decide to carry them in a bag, please don’t forget about them, take them out once in a while. Crystals need to be treated carefully as they are fragile and can chip and split. If you carry them with you keep them in a bag so they are protected.
To protect them from energy contamination, please keep them away from places people will want to touch them or ask everybody not to do so. You might want to make sure the positive energy charge stays intact.
Investment: $25/crystal


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