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Introduction to Chakras

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Chakras are swirling wheels of energy where matter and consciousness meet. They are centers that connect our body to the universal energy around us. These vortices of energy are a kind of map of our inner universe. As more freely flowing energy moves into our being, the stronger our health and mood is.


I was often asked what one can do to keep them in ideal functioning condition. There are many methods one can use, meditation being one of the most efficient ones.
In a quiet room, relax and focus your attention on the inner you, on the location of each chakra. According to your needs, and the part of you that needs more energy, meditate on the affirmations below. You do not need to do them all in one session, it is better to focus on one meditation at the time for the beginning, and do more only after you did the meditation for each chakra a few times and feel a better health in that area.

Affirmations to meditate on for chakra health:

1. Root Chakra – Muladhara (red)

I think my upper ego ensures all my needs .Life is full of prosperity.

2. Sacral Chakra – Swadhisthana (orange)

I accept and I recognize sexuality. My physical health is strong and pure.

3.Deposit Chakra (solar plexus) – Manipura (yellow)

Gently and in a healthy way, I release all unresolved feelings. I claim my own power.

4. Heart Chakra – Anahata (green, sometimes seen as pink)

Easily and willingly I give and receive love, I forgive myself and everyone else for all past judgments.

5. The throat chakra – Vishuda (blue)

With ease and elegance, I express my deepest feelings and emotions.

6. Chakra of the third eye – Ajna (indigo)

My inner vision is clear and strong. I trust my intuition and my inner vision.

7. Crown Chakra – Sahasrara (purple or white)

I accept and recognize my spirituality. I permit myself to work in perfect health conditions. I allow my every cell to be free of unwanted energy. I hold control over my body and act with responsibility. Getting rid of causes, there will be no adverse effects.