Your body is a temple. It is the recipient that hosts your inner self for the time on this earth and provides means by which one’s spirit can learn and eventually achieve enlightenment.


Many people think of the body as being a bunch of flesh, skin and bones put together, but there is a lot more to that than just the seen physical substances. No physical body would be able to function correctly without energy support.

The body is a temple of energy

The energy travels through our bodies using channels called meridians or nadis. Meridians exist in corresponding pairs, Yin Yang pairs. The yin and yang energy description refers to the duality of everything, active –passive, masculine-feminine. There are many types of therapies that use this knowledge to restore a good flow of energy throughout the body leading to healing. Acupuncture, acupressure, bio-energy and etheric treatment techniques are just to name a few. The energy being transported through the meridians, is called in many ways by different cultures. You will find it under the name of life energy, Chi/Qi, Prana, or Chetana.


The energy meridians are in close relationship with the chakras. The chakras are energy centers responsible for the interaction between the body and the surrounding aura. Everything in creation is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and color. The existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the world – known as an Aura – is a scientifically proven fact. Our aura acts as an organ integrating us into the rest of the world, it comes in interaction with other energies around us and with the help of the chakras helps transform that interaction into a feeling or thought. It is the reason we are aware of other things surrounding us, people, nature, animals and objects.
The energy in our body and around us has a huge impact on the quality of our lives, the physical and mental health, the way we feel, think and act.


Kundalini is an extremely powerful energy that sits at the base of the spine, a type of energy that is strong enough to create another life being or activate in us powers often associated with saints, great spiritual masters and holy people. Many spiritual paths teach different ways to use this powerful energy by bringing it up to the top of the head, the crown chakra. This process is called Kundalini awakening in Eastern traditions and results in enlightenment and bliss. Western traditions were also aware of this fact since antiquity.

Rod of Asclepius and Caduceus

The Rod of Asclepius depicting the snake, symbol of the Kundalini energy, rising along the Sushumna energy channel represented by the staff is an ancient symbol of medicine. Asclepius was a deity associated with healing and medicinal arts in Greek mythology and it is said that the father of medicine, Hippocrates, begun his career in his temple. The caduceus is another representation of Kundalini as spiritual energy rising through the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala nadis, reaching a holy state represented by the wings.


Who shall we admit into our temple?

Kundalini is also the energy responsible for orgasm in sexual contacts.
During sex there is a merging of energies, yours and the partner’s, and a bond is created. A sexual act blends your spiritual essences together, male and female often heightening your sensitivities for telepathy and empathic abilities between you both. Sexual bonding is automatic, it happens whether we want it or not. Simple, if you don’t want the bond and a person’s lingering energies, don’t have sex with that person. Accepting somebody in such an intimate way means accepting all his/her energies into the very essence of your living being and that is the reason it should never be done lightly.

love temple

Your body is a temple, treat it as such. As one would fight profanity in a temple, so should you not allow harmful energies in yours. Treat your body with good care. Besides exercising and eating a good diet, pay attention to all the energy around and within. Choose environments with healthy energy and avoid the ones that feel bad. Your aura interacts with that; unless one is aware enough to bring in some positive energy and get rid of the bad one, the negative one can create dysfunctions. Have your aura and living quarters scanned by people having enough sensitivity and knowledge to discern between the different types of energy and do the appropriate cleaning, both physical and energetic. There are services the Path to Light Healing and Empowering Center offers that can assist you with that. Following this tips can make a difference between your life being a dream or a nightmare.


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