Adept Initiation

What is the Adept Initiation and Program

Adept initiation

The Adept Initiation and Program is a unique way of becoming more involved with the Light Work conducted by the Hierarchy of Light. It is the next step after Self Initiation, the initiation that most light workers have.
The Adept Initiation is a physical one. It must be done in person by a Guide and involves a very powerful ritual. This initiation is one of the oldest on our planet and it was transmitted since ancient times without interruption. It empowers one greatly, bringing in energy and information. This empowerment is conducting to greater abilities in one’s daily life. All adepts are members of the The Great White Universal Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Light in accordance with the Hierarchy of Light. They represent the physical form in which the Light manifests. They can connect to the magical current, power and beings of the Hierarchy of Light and are protected by them.

The benefits of an Adept Initiation and Program are:
• Ten times more power to do the work so that you can fulfill your contract with Divinity
• Greater physical and spiritual abundance
• Higher clarity and Light flow
• Increased protection from the Hierarchy of Light
• You will be thought methods to increase your personal abilities
• Your will and desires will be aligned to the Will of God
• You will be more aware of the pulse of the Universal Power and follow it
• You will be able to draw the powers of heaven more easily

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Investment: $450.


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