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A Link between Magic and Science

22. April, 2016All CategoriesNo comments

In order to present to you the link between Magic and science I will first tell you about hermetic initiates.

How Hermetic Initiates Used Magick to Study Reality

by Annie Webb

An introduction to Hermetic philosophy, the lost field of scientific investigation into magick, alchemy and the hidden nature of reality

Alchemy is tradition spanning millennia that influenced the development of modern chemistry, medicine, philosophy and psychology. Western alchemy blends Greek, Egyptian, Islamic and Jewish traditions, and is a branch of Hermetic philosophy, which is based on the works of Hermes Trismegistus, meaning “Thrice-Great” Hermes.

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A story about thoughts

29. March, 2016All CategoriesNo comments

There is an ancient story about thoughts….


house on fire
A man who has gone out of his town comes back and finds that his house is on fire. It was one of the most beautiful houses in the town, and the man loved the house. Many people were ready to give double price for the house, but he had never agreed for any price, and now it is just burning before his eyes. And thousands of people have gathered, but nothing can be done.
The fire has spread so far that even if you try to put it out, nothing will be saved. So he becomes very sad.

His son comes running, and whispers something in his ear: “Don’t be worried. I sold it yesterday, and at a very good price ― three times…. The offer was so good I could not wait for you. Forgive me.”
But the father said, “Good, if you have sold it for three times more than the original price of the house.”

Then the father is also a watcher, with other watchers.
Just a moment before he was not a watcher, he was attached. It is the same house, the same fire, everything is the same. but now he is not concerned. He is enjoying it just as everybody else is enjoying.

Then the second son comes running, and he says to the father, “What are you doing? You are smiling ― and the house is on fire?”
The father said, “Don’t you know, your brother has sold it.”
He said, “He had talked about selling it, but nothing has been settled yet, and the man is not going to purchase it now.” Again, everything changes. Tears which had disappeared, have come back to the father’s eyes, his smile is no more there, his heart is beating fast. But the watcher is gone.
He is again attached.

And then the third son comes, and he says, “That man is a man of his word. I have just come from him. He said, ‘It doesn’t matter whether the house is burned or not, it is mine. And I am going to pay the price that I have settled for. Neither you knew, nor I knew that the house would catch on fire.'”
Again the father is a watcher. The attachment is no more there.

Actually nothing is changing; just the idea that “I am the owner, I am
identified somehow with the house,” makes the whole difference.

The next moment he feels, “I am not identified. Somebody else has purchased it, I have nothing to do with it; let the house burn.”
This simple methodology of watching the mind, that you have nothing to do with it….
Most of the thoughts are not yours but from your parents, your teachers, your friends, the books, the movies, the television, the newspapers.
Just count how many thoughts are your own, and you will be surprised that not a single thought is your own.
All are from other sources, all are borrowed ― either dumped by others on you, or foolishly dumped by yourself upon yourself, but nothing is yours.

And this is what which decides difference between the ordinary human beings and the extraordinary who have ‘their own’ thoughts..
It’s our duty to find the saints within ourselves and see the world from different perspective! May be then we will achieve what’s has been called ‘inner peace’!


Article courtesy of Ajju Jb

Introduction to Chakras

17. December, 2015All Categories, Useful to knowNo comments

Chakras are swirling wheels of energy where matter and consciousness meet. They are centers that connect our body to the universal energy around us. These vortices of energy are a kind of map of our inner universe. As more freely flowing energy moves into our being, the stronger our health and mood is.


I was often asked what one can do to keep them in ideal functioning condition. There are many methods one can use, meditation being one of the most efficient ones.
In a quiet room, relax and focus your attention on the inner you, on the location of each chakra. According to your needs, and the part of you that needs more energy, meditate on the affirmations below. You do not need to do them all in one session, it is better to focus on one meditation at the time for the beginning, and do more only after you did the meditation for each chakra a few times and feel a better health in that area.

Affirmations to meditate on for chakra health:

1. Root Chakra – Muladhara (red)

I think my upper ego ensures all my needs .Life is full of prosperity.

2. Sacral Chakra – Swadhisthana (orange)

I accept and I recognize sexuality. My physical health is strong and pure.

3.Deposit Chakra (solar plexus) – Manipura (yellow)

Gently and in a healthy way, I release all unresolved feelings. I claim my own power.

4. Heart Chakra – Anahata (green, sometimes seen as pink)

Easily and willingly I give and receive love, I forgive myself and everyone else for all past judgments.

5. The throat chakra – Vishuda (blue)

With ease and elegance, I express my deepest feelings and emotions.

6. Chakra of the third eye – Ajna (indigo)

My inner vision is clear and strong. I trust my intuition and my inner vision.

7. Crown Chakra – Sahasrara (purple or white)

I accept and recognize my spirituality. I permit myself to work in perfect health conditions. I allow my every cell to be free of unwanted energy. I hold control over my body and act with responsibility. Getting rid of causes, there will be no adverse effects.

Spirituality and drinking

9. October, 2015Ancient gods and believesNo comments

I was asked many times if spirituality and drinking can coexist. Istead of opening a discussion about the effects of alcoohol on human counsciousness, I decided to share a little storry that answers this question nicely.


During the rule of king Burebista, the Dacians, big wine lovers, cut down the grape wines after listening to Deceneu, a wise man, High Priest and advisor to their king. The legend has it that as they were gathering for council, a big brown bear threatened to tear them apart. As they were preparing to fight the bear, Deceneu came down from the Kogaion holy mountain, took the bear by the ear, scolded him and send him to the woods. The bear went feeling ashamed. When they asked him how he did that, Deceneu told the Dacians that he had a glass of wine, heard the call for help and did what they saw. Appalled, they reminded Deceneu that he had them cut the grape wines in order not to drink. To that, Decenu replied: “You can have wine, but only so much that you can hold a bear by its ear”


Ashamed bear


Where does divinity hide?

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There is a Hindu legend about a time when all humans were gods, but they abused that divinity. They so abused it that Brahma, the chief god,  decided to take it away from them and hide it where they would never find it again.


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Boy_sad_holding_handWhere is the courage, the light in the eyes? Sad people paralyze life. People tired of life kill the joy. Gloomy people bury the faith. People without faith are planting the seeds of despair. Fear devours our energy and bring people to exhaustion. Panic anesthetizes the power we need daily. Children seek the light in adult’s eyes. And they are off … parents lose their children’s hearts and thus die a little for their ingratitude.

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Your body is a temple

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Your body is a temple. It is the recipient that hosts your inner self for the time on this earth and provides means by which one’s spirit can learn and eventually achieve enlightenment.

Many people think of the body as being a bunch of flesh, skin and bones put together, but there is a lot more to that than just the seen physical substances. No physical body would be able to function correctly without energy support.

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We are what we think

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Dhammapada The Buddha


15. April, 2015All CategoriesNo comments

Gold, facts and history

A chemical element, gold, whose symbol is Au, derived from the Latin word aurum denoting gold.
Since ancient times, people were fascinated by gold, a metal much desired by many people belonging to different cultures. In a 1986 study, experts estimated that 121,000 tons of gold had been mined throughout history. But why gold and not some other substance?


Gold – a reflection of divine power

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